’20-21 Season Previews

Last season, the intentions were great but the ball was ultimately dropped for the second year in a row.

We tried to preview each and every team from coast to coast ahead of the 2019-20 season, and we fell way short of our goal. Information was hard to come by at times. Mistakes were made along the way that we’ve learned from, and the 2020-21 season marks a new year with the same goal in mind.

As the 2020-21 season approaches, you can find some sort of preview for each and every team in Canada, both men’s and women’s. Whether it’s in the form of an article, a Twitter thread, or an audio recording, each and every team will be previewed from August 3rd through to October 13th.

Teams listed with AUDIO beside them will be previewed on episodes of The Four Quarters Podcast, which will be released on those days.

Below, you will find the full schedule of Season Previews, randomly assigned to space things out as best we can.

If we find that information is tough to come by on the new rosters, schedules, etc., we will adjust the schedule to ensure that we improve on last year’s numbers and get to all the teams as best we can.

*Note: The schedule is based on the start dates of last season for leagues across the country, and the schedule is subject to change.



August 3rd: St. Thomas Tommies (Men / Women) (Audio)

August 4th: Redeemer Royals (Men / Women)
August 4th: Dalhousie Tigers (Men / Women)

August 5th: NAIT Ooks (Men / Women)

August 6th: UQAM Citadins (Men / Women) (Audio)

August 7th: Sheridan Bruins (Men / Women)
August 7th: Saskatchewan Huskies (Men / Women)

August 8th: Langara Falcons (Men / Women)
August 8th: Windsor Lancers (Men / Women)

August 9th: Ambrose Univ. Lions (Men / Women)
August 9th: Laval Rouge et Or (Men / Women)

August 10th: Vanier Cheetahs (Men / Women) (Audio)

August 11th: Okanagan College Coyotes (Men / Women)
August 11th: McGill University (Men / Women)

August 12th: Edouard Montpetit Lynx (Men / Women)

August 13th: Nipissing Lakers (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

August 14th: Durham Lords (Men / Women)
August 14th: Toronto Varsity Blues (Men / Women)

August 15th: Loyalist Lancers (Men / Women)
August 15th: Acadia Axemen / Axewomen (Men / Women)

August 16th: Canadore Panthers (Men)
August 16th: UNB Reds (Men / Women)

August 17th: St. Mary’s Univ. Lightning (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

August 18th: Fanshawe Falcons (Men / Women)
August 18th: McMaster Marauders (Men / Women)

August 19th: Dynamiques de Sainte-Foy (Men / Women)

August 20th: Bishop’s Gaiters (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

August 21st: Lakeland Rustlers (Men / Women)
August 21st: Alberta Golden Bears / Pandas (Men / Women)

August 22nd: SAIT Trojans (Men / Women)
August 22nd: Brandon Bobcats (Men / Women)

August 23rd: Lethbridge College Kodiaks (Men / Women)
August 23rd: Guelph Gryphons (Men / Women)

August 24th: Geants de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Women) (AUDIO)

August 25th: Mount Saint Vincent Univ. Mystics (Men / Women)
August 25th: StFX X-Men / X-Women (Men / Women)

August 26th: CBC Bearcats (Men / Women)

August 27th: Algoma Thunderbirds (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

August 28th: Mohawk Mountaineers (Men / Women)

August 29th: CUE Thunder (Men / Women)
August 29th: Lethbridge Pronghorns (Men / Women)

August 30th: Red Deer College Kings / Queens (Men / Women)
August 30th: Waterloo Warriors (Men / Women)

August 31st: Sault College Cougars (Men / Women) (AUDIO)


September 1st: Champlain St. Lambert Cavaliers (Men / Women)
September 1st: Memorial Sea-hawks (Men / Women)

September 2nd: Holland College Hurricanes (Men / Women)

September 3rd: Saint Mary’s Huskies (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

September 4th: Lambton Lions (Men / Women)
September 4th: Lakehead Thunderwolves (Men / Women)

September 5th: Fleming Knights (Men)
September 5th: Cape Breton Capers (Men / Women)

September 6th: Mount Allison Mounties (Men / Women)
September 6th: Western Mustangs (Men / Women)

September 7th: Algonquin College Thunder (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

September 8th: George Brown Huskies (Men / Women)
September 8th: UPEI Panthers (Men / Women)

September 9th: St. Clair College Saints (Men / Women)

September 10th: Fraser Valley Cascades (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

September 11th: VIU Mariners (Men / Women)

September 12th: Humber Hawks (Men / Women)
September 12th: Thompson Rivers Wolfpack (Men / Women)

September 13th: Camosun Chargers (Men / Women)
September 13th: Trinity Western Spartans (Men / Women)

September 14th: Nomades de Montmorency (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

September 15th: La Cite Coyotes (Men)
September 15th: Brock Badgers (Men / Women)

September 16th: St. Lawrence Surge (Men / Women)
September 16th: Calgary Dinos (Men / Women)

September 17th: Ryerson Rams (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

September 18th: Capilano Blues (Men / Women)

September 19th: John Abbott Islanders (Men)
September 19th: Laurier Golden Hawks (Men / Women)

September 20th: Keyano College Huskies (Men / Women)
September 20th: Manitoba Bisons (Men / Women)

September 21st: Trois Rivieres Diablos (Women) (AUDIO)

September 22nd: Crandall Chargers (Men / Women)
September 22nd: Ontario Tech Ridgebacks (Men / Women)

September 23rd: Seneca Sting (Men / Women)

September 24th: Queen’s Gaels (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

September 25th: Conestoga Condors (Men / Women)
September 25th: UNBC Timberwolves (Men / Women)

September 26th: Briercrest College Clippers (Men / Women)
September 26th: Carleton Ravens (Men / Women)

September 27th: TKU Eagles (Men / Women)
September 27th: Concordia Stingers (Men / Women)

September 28th: Georgian College Grizzlies (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

September 29th: Douglas College Royals (Men / Women)

September 30th: Dawson Blues (Men / Women)
September 30th: Winnipeg Wesmen (Men / Women)


October 1st: College Ahuntsic Indiens (Men)
October 1st: Laurentian Voyageurs (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

October 2nd: UKC Blue Devils (Men / Women)

October 3rd: Medicine Hat Rattlers (Men / Women)
October 3rd: Mount Royal Cougars (Men / Women)

October 4th: UTM Eagles (Men / Women)
October 4th: Regina Cougars (Men / Women)

October 5th: Augustana Vikings (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

October 6th: UNBSJ Sea-wolves (Men / Women)
October 6th: UBC Okanagan Heat (Men / Women)

October 7th: GPRC Wolves (Men / Women)
October 7th: MacEwan Griffins (Men / Women)

October 8th: Outaouais Griffons (Men)
October 8th: UBC Thunderbirds (Men / Women) (AUDIO)

October 9th: Centennial Colts (Men / Women)

October 10th: Niagara College Knights (Men / Women)
October 10th: York Lions (Men / Women)

October 11th: Olds College Broncos (Men / Women)
October 11th: Ottawa Gee-Gees (Men / Women)

October 12th: Champlain Lennoxville Cougars (Women) (AUDIO)

October 13th: Dynamiques de Brebeuf (Men)
October 13th: Victoria Vikes (Men / Women)

Conference Specific Lists



August 3rdSt. Thomas Tommies
August 25thMSVU Mystics
September 2ndHolland College Hurricanes
September 6thMount Allison Mounties
September 22ndCrandall Chargers
October 2ndUKC Blue Devils
October 6thUNBSJ Sea-wolves


August 10thVanier Cheetahs (Audio)
August 12thEdouard Montpetit Lynx
August 19thDynamiques de Sainte-Foy
August 24thGeants de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Audio)

September 1stChamplain St. Lambert Cavaliers
September 14thNomades de Montmorency (Audio)

September 19thJohn Abbott Islanders
September 21stTrois Rivieres Diablos (Audio)

September 30thDawson Blues
October 1stCollege Ahuntsic Indiens
October 8thOutaouais Griffons
October 12thChamplain Lennoxville Cougars (Audio)

October 13thDynamiques de Brebeuf


August 4thRedeemer Royals
August 7thSheridan Bruins
August 14thDurham Lords
August 15thLoyalist Lancers
August 16thCanadore Panthers
August 18thFanshawe Falcons
August 28thMohawk Mountaineers
August 31stSault College Cougars (Audio)

September 4thLambton Lions
September 5thFleming Knights
September 7thAlgonquin College Thunder (Audio)

September 8thGeorge Brown Huskies
September 9thSt. Clair College Saints
September 12thHumber Hawks
September 15thLa Cite Coyotes
September 16thSt. Lawrence Surge
September 23rdSeneca Sting
September 25thConestoga Condors
September 28thGeorgian College Grizzlies (Audio)

October 4thUTM Eagles
October 9thCentennial Colts
October 10thNiagara College Knights


August 5thNAIT Ooks
August 9thAmbrose Univ. Lions
August 17thSt. Mary’s Univ. Lightning (Audio)

August 21stLakeland College Rustlers
August 22ndSAIT Trojans
August 23rdLethbridge College Kodiaks
August 29thCUE Thunder
August 30thRed Deer College Kings / Queens
September 20thKeyano College Huskies
September 26thBriercrest College Clippers
September 27thTKU Eagles
October 3rdMedicine Hat Rattlers
October 5thAugustana Vikings (Audio)
October 7thGPRC Wolves
October 11thOlds College Broncos


August 8thLangara Falcons
August 11thOkanagan College Coyotes
August 26thCBC Bearcats
September 11thVIU Mariners
September 13thCamosun Chargers
September 18thCapilano Blues
September 29thDouglas College Royals

U Sports


August 4thDalhousie Tigers
August 15thAcadia Axemen / Axewomen
August 16thUNB Reds
August 25thStFX X-Men / X-Women
September 1stMemorial Sea-hawks
September 3rdSaint Mary’s Huskies
September 5thCape Breton Capers
September 8thUPEI Panthers


August 6thUQAM Citadins (Audio)
August 9thLaval Rouge et Or
August 11thMcGill University
August 20thBishop’s Gaiters (Audio)

September 27thConcordia Stingers


August 8thWindsor Lancers
August 13thNipissing Lakers (Audio)

August 14thToronto Varsity Blues
August 18thMcMaster Marauders
August 23rdGuelph Gryphons
August 27thAlgoma Thunderbirds (Audio)

August 30thWaterloo Warriors
September 4thLakehead Thunderwolves
September 6thWestern Mustangs
September 15thBrock Badgers
September 17thRyerson Rams (Audio)

September 19thLaurier Golden Hawks
September 22ndOntario Tech Ridgebacks
September 24thQueen’s Gaels
September 26thCarleton Ravens
October 1stLaurentian Voyageurs (Audio)

October 10thYork Lions
October 11thOttawa Gee-Gees


August 7thSaskatchewan Huskies
August 21stAlberta Golden Bears / Pandas
August 22ndBrandon Bobcats
August 29thLethbridge Pronghorns
September 10thFraser Valley Cascades (Audio)
September 12thThompson Rivers Wolfpack
September 13thTrinity Western Spartans
September 16thCalgary Dinos
September 20thManitoba Bisons
September 25thUNBC Timberwolves
September 30thWinnipeg Wesmen
October 3rdMount Royal Cougars
October 4thRegina Cougars
October 6thUBC Okanagan Heat
October 7thMacEwan Griffins
October 8thUBC Thunderbirds (Audio)

October 13thVictoria Vikes

If you want to be a part of our preview for any program, feel free to reach out and let us know! E-mail us at collegecourtreportcanada@gmail.com and we’ll get things started!

Also, if we’ve missed a program or you see one listed twice, send us an e-mail and we’ll make the change right away!

– T. Bennett